The Team


Rumbidzai Sibanda: Co-ordinator

(People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHIVAIDS))


If you are an adult with a positive HIV/AIDS status you are likely to feel like an outcast; frightened and alone. The project’s first work was to establish support groups for PLWHIVAIDS to combat these feelings of isolation, fear and loneliness. When you are part of a support group you understand that you are not the only one, and that life can still go on.


My work involves the co-ordination of 5 support groups in different areas of the city of Bulawayo. The groups meet as often as they decide they will; some weekly, some fortnightly and some monthly. When we meet, we may have a speaker in to talk about a hot topic like drugs, or nutrition, or hygiene – even the bible and religion.


We have fun together; singing songs, playing games and participating in sports activities. We also look at life skills including overcoming fear, supporting one another and teamwork. Camps are also organised 2 or 3 times a year to complement the support group work.


My work also involves home and hospital visitation, making decisions on who the programme will help with medical and associated transport costs and the like, keeping records including expenditure records, and writing reports for the project co-ordinator.


Generating income when you are HIV+ is a big issue, and the programme supports and encourages income generating projects like bread making, basket weaving and making peanut butter.





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