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Donate by Mail

If you have a UK bank acount donating to Nehemiah Project by post could not be easier. Just send a cheque, payable to Nehemiah Project Support Trust, to the undernoted address.

Make sure you write clearly on the back of the cheque your chosen program that you wish the money to go towards. If you do not write on the back your chosen program then the money will go into the program which needs it most.

Nehemiah Project Support Trust
C/o 3 Malvern Close
Essex, SS6 8AP

If you dont have a UK bank acount but still wish to donate Contact Us and enquire about details on how you can make a donation.

/ Term for a child / Sport and Play equipment / Camps / 20-50 club /

Term for a child

What does this involve?

Nehemiah Project pays school fees for orphans and vulnerable children. Education is a primary route out of the poverty cycle. Lack of education will almost certainly condemn a new generation to continue in the old poverty trap. Support a vulnerable child to break the poverty trap by selecting “term for a child” as your preferred program.

Amount: £25


Sport and Play equipment

What does this involve?

Parental illness/death; the complications of economic deprivation; means vulnerable children can have heavy responsibilities from an early age. Nehemiah Project runs Kids Clubs every week where children can forget about their worries and have fun with others. Resources are necessary to facilitate these clubs. Select sports & play equipment as your preferred program if you know what it means for children to play and learn together.

  • £10
  • £20
  • £25
  • £50
  • We need new and replacement sport and play equipment all the time. The more you donate the more we can do so please feel free to donate more than the suggested amounts listed above.


    What does this involve?

    We love running camps, but children love being on camp even more! Vulnerable children have unmet emotional , psychological and social needs. Camps enable Nehemiah Project to work intensively with children, meeting these needs and giving them coping mechanisms for their circumstances. To send a child onto one of these invaluable camp experiences choose camps as your preferred program.

    Amount: £25 (to send a teenager to camp away from home)

    Amount: £10 (to send a primary school child to participate in a community camp)

    20-50 club

    What does this involve?

    For those with a big heart for Nehemiah Project, and slightly deeper pockets, why not consider joining one of our clubs. The 20/50 club is 50 people donating £20 a month for a minimum of 12 months. Different clubs will be added in the future. Regular donations are the relief and life-blood of a humanitarian project. To partner with us in our ongoing programming and essential administration costs, choose 20/50 club as your preferred program.

    Amount: £20 a month (minimum suggested period of commitment - 12 months)