Community Centre

We have embarked on an ambitious project in the geographical area where we have the largest community impact – Cowdray Park. We have acquired a one hectare site and are currently developing this for the benefit of the residents of this high density and economically deprived suburb of Bulawayo. The site was a wilderness when we first occupied, but the photographic evidence shows that this is no longer the case, and the site now has programs and activities running on it including a weekly Youth Club, an agricultural growing and training area, support group meetings, etc. The site has also hosted a successful 5 aside soccer and netball tournament bringing together young adults from all over the local area. Our 3 year building program will see a major auditorium, a manager’s house, and a block of three classrooms constructed, along with 3 incidental smaller structures. Within this timescale our medium term target is to positively impact the lives of three times as many children and adults as we currently do in Cowdray Park by continuing with and increasing our activities, including the undernoted:-


o A more suitable venue for existing Kids Club work.
o A suitable venue for kids club “day-camps” incorporating psycho-social support work, peer leadership and life skills training, child-headed household support and the like.
o A place to expand the existing community farming training program with training allotments for practical work.
o Sports facilities. Netball, basketball, volleyball, 5 aside soccer and any other sport that the land will support in terms of size and terrain.
o Enterprise training centre for trade & business skills teaching, inviting expertise in (carpenters, plumbers, electricians, hairdressers, caterers, tailors and the like) to teach trade and business skills.
o Different weekly and periodical support “clinics” including:-
o Mother/caregiver & Toddler group.
o Educational support, homework clubs and holiday lessons/revision opportunities.
o Healthy living support clinics.
o Counselling.
o Bereavement work.
o Pregnancy support (via links with medical NGOs)
o Immunisation programs. (Including via links with medical NGOs)
o Food security support (via agencies that operate such programs)
o Birth registration assistance.
o Day conference facility (for sustainability)